Monday, November 10, 2014

Accor launches its ‘Leading Digital Hospitality’ Plan

Accor announced the launch of the ‘Leading Digital Hospitality’ plan which will see development of more robust information systems, distribution infrastructure and data gathering capabilities that will create a seamless journey for customers, a more transparent relationship with partners and a more digitally empowered Accor team.

The plan also sees the company build on the Arabic language website, with improved mobile applications, an extension of the tailored deal search engine and an expansion of Accor’s loyalty program.

Accor’s ‘Welcome project’, which allows guest to check in online, will be implemented throughout all Accor properties in the Middle East by 2015. Currently, this new service has been piloted at the Novotel Al Barsha and Ibis Al Barsha in Dubai since July 2014.

Digital technology is a challenge for all the industries, especially the hospitality industry. To overcome this challenge Accor is launching globally a transformational strategy to enhance the digital experience of all stakeholders. 

According to Vivek Badrinath, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Accor, “Digital technology is massively important in the Middle East, where social media is a growing part of daily life and smartphone penetration levels are the highest in the world. In response, not only are we improving our online booking services, we will also increasingly welcome guests through their smartphone or tablet. In everything we do, we are creating a richer digital-enabled Accor experience.”

The integrated digital plan includes customer-focused programs that aim to improve the knowledge of the customers, and the services provided. They will enable Accor to increase its customer base and develop further loyalty.

  • Mobile first: It takes into account the customers migration to mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets by rolling out a single mobile application incorporating all of Accor’s services before during and after hotel stays.
  • Customer centric:  will develop and make optimum use of the customer database to ensure personalized follow up and services on a single platform known as voice of the guest.  
  •  Seamless Journey:  will ensure convenience for customers at every stage of their experience, with electronic payment solutions, one click booking, online check in and the Le Club Accor hotels virtual card.
  • Mice & BtoB: will develop innovative digital solutions for businesses, such as online booking of seminar facilities, and will increasingly incorporate BtoB services in the global booking website,
Employee focused:
  • Employee Friendly: Aims to simplify tasks using tablets and smart phones, develop online training solutions and encourage experience sharing via “AccorLive” – the in-house social network.
Partner focused:
  • Owner and Franchise Centric: aims to make Accor the most efficient and transparent partner, notably by offering comprehensive dynamic pricing and revenue management solutions, a dedicated portal to access personalized information and services and an optimized billing process, starting in 2015.
System focused:
  • Infrastructure transformation:  optimizing systems to speed up the roll-out of new and keep pace with rising transaction volumes.
Data focused:
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: ensure that decisions are increasingly made on analysis of large volumes of data collected in hotels.

Accor will dedicate additional resources to innovation, through open innovation platforms and tactical acquisitions that strengthen its expertise and technology.

The Group also announced its acquisition of French start-up Wipolo, a cutting-edge travel software company that offers mobile and web itinerary management services.

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